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2021-04-16 - DC in the 80's Five Questions with Michel Fiffe About Superman Red & Blue #3
2021-04-14 - Q & A with Figures Toy Company
2021-02-09 - DC in the 80's Talks to Tom Scioli About His Brilliant Jack Kirby Comic
2018-07-04 - DC in the 80s interviews editor Dave Manak
2021-01-27 - Jim Rugg's DC In The 80s Shoot Interview about Lobo
2019-10-02 - Round 4 Interview with Michel Fiffe, about COPRA #1, through Image Comics
2019-07-22 - Getting to know Richard Pace
2018-12-04 - Chuck Patton talks Justice League Detroit
2018-08-24 - Talking comics with indie comix creator and actor Tony Wolf
2018-07-04 - Andy Belanger: Deadlines and DDTs
2018-06-19 - Anthony Kuchar interviews Peter David for DC in the 80s
2018-05-26 - Jim Starlin talks with us about DC in the 80s
2018-05-24 - Ken Lashley talks Milestone Comics and toy collecting
2018-05-15 - Neal Adams explains Deadman, Batman Odyssey and Coming of the Supermen
2017-10-20 - Mark Belkin interviews Joe Staton
2017-06-14 - Artist Victor Santos talked to us about The Question, Kamandi and his latest work
2017-04-23 - Reggie Francia interviews Scott Shaw! at the 2017 Silicon Valley Comic Con
2017-04-22 - Reggie Francia interviews Trina Robbins at Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017
2017-02-21 - 28 years later: An interview with editor Michael Eury
2017-02-02 - Mark Belkin interviews Doom Patrol illustrator Richard Case
2016-12-07 - Mark Belkin interviews Paris Cullins for DC in the 80s
2016-11-27 - Reggie Francia interviews Steve Erwin
2016-10-18 - An interview with Gerry Ross (of 1,000,000 Comix) 30 years later
2016-09-27 - An Interview with Rick Veitch (by Mark Belkin)
2016-09-22 - DC in the 80s interviews Jack C. Harris
2016-09-05 - DC in the 80s interviews Diabolu Frank: the "Martian Manhunter guy"
2016-09-03 - Tom Yeates talks Swamp Thing with Mark Belkin
2016-08-30 - An interview with Tom Grummett
2016-07-22 - Mark Belkin interviews Darryl McDaniels (DMC) for DC in the 80s
2016-02-19 - DC in the 80s interviews Fred Hembeck

We've been interviewed, too!
2016-10-17 - DC in the 80s interviewed by Ed Catto for Comicmix

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  1. I want areason for why 'TEC (or detective comics, if u didn't catch the reffrence) was selling poorly in the 80's