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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Introducing Susan Hillwig's "A Decade in the Life of Jonah Hex" series

Jonah's been getting a lot of attention recently - no doubt due to the recent announcement that actor Johnathon Schaech will be portraying Jonah in CWTV's Legends of Tomorrow TV series - and we thought "what better time than now to reacquaint DC fans with Jonah Hex's rich history?" Jonah Hex was published by DC comics predominantly throughout the 80s (about 30+ years after the western-genre comic book was at it's all-time high), so this really falls into DC in the 80s territory.

This may sound clich├ęd, but Jonah Hex is one of my favorite DC characters. He wasn't always my favorite - I used to dread his comics as a kid (I was more interested in DC 'super hero' titles at the time) so I'd say that Jonah became an 'acquired taste' once I had gotten older and needed a reprieve from the 'super hero' genre. I really wanted to run something detailing how great Jonah was.

Admittedly, we kind of lucked out when esteemed blogger and fan-fiction writer, Susan Hillwig, offered to submit an article series detailing the evolution of the character. Susan is quite possibly one of the biggest Jonah Hex fans I know, being a major contributor to The Jonah Hex Corral and the  Jonah Hex, Via Pony Express FB page. Susan also wanted me to mention the Jonah Hex-themed Matching Dragoons website for your reading pleasure.  Seeing as how the first issue of Jonah Hex was published in 1977, Susan will start from there and lead us all the way to 1987. Hence, a decade in the life of Jonah.

Enough of my rambling and we're now going to leave you in Susan's capable hands...

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