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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Hot off the press! Our 3rd zine! The Vertigo Issue!

Presenting our newest 'zine!

The DC in the 80s crew (Mark and Justin) have been hard at work producing the next issue of Baxter Stock, the official 'zine of DC in the 80s. We put some sweat and some tears into it (no blood) and we think it's pretty dope.

wow! cover by Josh Bayer!

This issue we’ve dedicated to Vertigo. With its origins in 1984 and Swamp Thing, until its endings, which seems to be any day now (check the internet), we have explored what DC in the 80’s fans thought was important.

If you're an American resident, for $5 USD (includes shipping), we will send you a 24-page* black and white 'zine (on 32lb paper, oooh la la) that includes:

-pin-ups by Richard Pace, Ɓukasz KowalczukJames Whiting, Christian St. Pierre, and our very own Mark Belkin
-cover by Josh Bayer, back cover by Raymond Lowell
-art by Tony Wolf, Erik Tramontana, and Tony McMillen
-interviews with Josh Bayer, Art Young (Senior Editor for Vertigo), Tom Veitch (Animal Man) and Richard Case (Doom Patrol)
-...and all that other 'zine stuff you'd come to expect (articles, reviews, etc)

If you're a Canadian resident, for [whatever the current currency exchange rate for USD to CAD is] (plus shipping) will get you the same deal as seen above.

To order, send us an e-mail at

Yes, this is our THIRD 'zine. You can scope out our first and second zines by clicking on the links. We may have a few left in stock...

FOR A LIMITED TIME you can buy all three zines (yes, this includes the 3D zine with 3D glasses) and have it shipped to you for $17.50 USD. This applies to US residents only

*the 24 pages include the front and back cover, naturally

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