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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Presenting DC in the 80s' first 'zine: Baxter Stock

As of January 19th, DC in the 80s will have reached it's ONE YEAR mark as an actual website (prior to this, we were a tumblr blog). To commemorate this event, we've created an 8-page fanzine!

In the spirit of promoting the D-I-Y movement of the 1980s, we've made our first paper zine free* to everyone! (you just need to print and assemble it yourself)

*2017-03-22 update: we've had to take it offline due to 'reasons'. contact us at our inbox for more information. apologies to all. :(


1. Download and print each PDF. You're going to need to use double-sided printing. Depending on your printer settings, you may need to select "long edge portrait". Whatever you need to do, just make sure that whatever's printed on the reverse on the page is 'right side up'.

2. The PDFs fit an 8.5 x 11" standard computer page. Print in black and white (just like the xerox'd fanzines of the 1980s). Hey, you don't want to print on white paper? Want to print on colored paper instead? Fuscia? We don't care - it's your copy. Go nuts.

3. We like printing on 32lb bond paper (to give it that "fancy feeling"), but regular computer paper (ex: 20lb bond) will do just fine.

4. Stack all 3 pages (pg 1 on top of pg 2, pg 2 on top of pg 3) — make sure all three pages are facing the same direction (ex: 'front' side is facing up).

5. Fold the pages horizontally and staple on the fold. Voila. Your zine is ready.

6. Did you like it? Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Tell anyone who will listen (we don't care). Just get the word out. Tell us on our Facebook page how much you liked it. Tell us on our Twitter. Send us a photo of you proudly displaying your 'zine. Maybe we'll make another one in the near future. ;)

7. Maybe, for whatever reason, you don't want to make your own 'zine? Send us an e-mail at and we'll mail you a copy. We'll only charge you the cost of printing the 'zine (we use 32lb bond white paper) + shipping & handling. If you're a comic book shop or retailer and you're interested in ordering in bulk, please contact us via e-mail.

Without further ado...

Page 1 - front:

Page 1 - reverse:

Page 2 - front:

Page 2 - reverse:

Page 3 - front:

Page 3 - reverse:



  1. Love the 'zine so much! Lots of fun! The interviews make a great teaser and I dig the fan art! Hope you do another one!!

  2. this is so great! I love that Swamp Thing made the cut in this issue. Thank you so much for the great content and your hardwork!

  3. I wanted to say how much I really loved this. COPRA is fantastic, and Fiffe's picks and insight are always fun to see. I was a big Doom Patrol fan and learning about Lightle's views after all this time was revelatory!