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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Fake 1983 Teen Titans Images on Social Media

Recently there have been some fake images going around social media claiming to be production art for a proposed 1983 cartoon. Here is one of them.

I've seen this posted in a few areas. When it was posted in a comic book group on Facebook, everyone had such a laugh at what Starfire looked like, and how Cyborg wasn't the right race. Well of course it's funny, because it's a fake picture. I'm sure it's a real animation production cell from something, but it's certainly not a Teen Titans cartoon from 1983, or any other time. 

Here is what Marv Wolfman told me when I sent him this image. 

"Sorry, I have no idea what this is."

So next time you see something online that seems really dumb, maybe don't take it as face value. 

There were some more images posted, and some of them were from 1987 and 1988, put onto animation production cells, and the poster claimed they were from 1983. How Nightwing could be in a 1983 animation cell when he wasn't introduced until 1984 is beyond me. And should be beyond the people who post these fake pictures online.

Here is a real production cell from the 1983 anti-drug commercial, which may have been used for a cartoon. Protector had to replace Robin because Keebler sponsored the anti-drug comic and cartoon, and Robin was under a Nabisco license. 

You see how it looks like the Teen Titans? Because this is a real production cell. Here is an image from the commercial.

Nothing really to laugh at here. Also, I wish this was a real cartoon. What could have been. Just give me 13 episodes. This has been Mark Belkin airing his grievance with social media BS. Festivus for the rest of us.

Edit: I did some more looking at some more of the supposed cells that appeared online.

This is supposedly from 1983. I could believe 1989, but not 1983. If they could have used Nightwing in 1983, a year before he appeared in comics, then why use Protector?

Here is the first known image of Nightwing. It's from 1984.

And the Raven image is from 1988. It's clearly a swipe. 

Not going to bother Marv Wolfman with this, but 100% these aren't from 1983. 


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