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Friday, April 16, 2021

DC in the 80's Five Questions with Michel Fiffe About Superman Red & Blue #3

Everyone knows we at DC in the 80's have a deep fondness for Michel Fiffe. Not only is he the driving force behind COPRA, one of the best comics coming out today, but he is also the cover artist for the first issue of our zine, Baxter Stock. He even came up with the name! Well, when we found out that he was going to have a story in SUPERMAN RED & BLUE #3, coming out May 18th, 2021, we HAD to do an interview with him. Seriously, when it comes out, go to your LCS and buy it. 5 Questions with Michel Fiffe Interview with Mark Belkin is below this totally RAD image from the comic. 

Ummmm yes times infinity.


Mark Belkin: Question #1How much of a dream job is it to do a Superman story?

Michel Fiffe: This is the first comic book character my little kid eyes ever saw, it's one of the earliest figures I ever drew with my little kid hand. That in itself carries a lot of weight. There's a formative component I couldn't escape even if I tried. So yeah, file under Dream Job.


Mark: Question #2: Did you specifically request using Booster Gold, Hawkwoman and Cyborg? Why?

Michel Fiffe: "Panic In The Sky" was the crossover that originally inspired me, it got me thinking about what kind of story I wanted to tell. Superman's relationship to his peers is fascinating to me, and squeezing in as many characters as possible was appealing at first. I wanted to tell a tight story, though, not clog my 8 pages for the sake of clogging them. So I whittled it down to a core team, which allowed me to better focus on each member. In a way, that specific roster is a nod to John Byrne's Action Comics run.

Booster showing Superman who's boss.


Mark: Question #3: Kilg%re is definitely a villain I could see in COPRA. What drew you to using them?

Michel Fiffe: My affinity for the Baron/Guice Flash material is no secret. Plus, I needed an unlikely antagonist with untapped potential. Let me be clear, I had 8 pages to express the totality of what I think about Superman, and I wanted to cover as many bases as possible. Solid teamwork, crisp action, leadership, superpowers, tension, danger, humor, nuance beyond good guy vs bad guy while very much being a good guy vs bad guy story. I wanted to feature Superman's uniqueness but not at the expense of those around him. Plus, I drew my ass off. I'm still reckoning with the filtering of my influences on such a major property. 


Mark: Question #4: If you could do a Justice League book, who would be on the team?

Michel Fiffe: I like the challenge of context, such as... who are the characters that are available? What's the project, a cool one-shot or the main brand? So many options. Let's just say that with my favorite being the JLI-era, I'd most likely pick a similar line-up. Maybe Extreme Justice, simply to prove that something cool can be done with just about any roster. I wanna draw that Booster armor.

DC, you know what must be done. 


Mark: Question #5Can we expect an 80's DC Comics Presents type book with Superman meeting COPRA????? 

Michel Fiffe: It's not something I've considered, but now you got me thinking of all the possibilities. Damn you, DC in the 80s!

I could seeee ittttt.


You can get the Superman Red & Blue #3 at your local comic book store on May 18th, 2021.

You can get COPRA either in your LCS or through Michel online. 

Thanks again homie!!


You can find Michel Fiffe at:

The Superman Comic

And on the cover of our first Baxter Stock!!!! CHECK THIS AWESOMENESS!!!

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