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Monday, April 11, 2016

The DC fan art of Brennan Bova

Today's fan art spotlight is on Brennan Bova who hails all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Brennan's favorite DC villain is Deathstroke: "His solo stuff is really good though I haven't really read enough of his comic stuff. I mostly just really enjoy him in media. Every TV show he's in he's been the dominating force". Brennan remembers being most impacted by Alan Moore's DC work from the 80s (i.e. The Killing Joke, Swamp Thing and The Watchmen), as well as Batman: Year One and Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol.

Brennan also created a series of Darkwing Duck covers in the style of Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns.

Brennan is one of the few DC fans who've actually gotten to work in DC animation. "Weirdly I'd never considered it [as a career] but I went on a field trip to the Ottawa International Animation festival in grade 11 and we were stuck in a screening of a bunch of schools that were recruiting with their students' demo reels and whatnot and that made me want to try it. Up until that point I had no idea what I wanted to do."

On animating for Teen Titans Go!:
"I worked on a lot of season 2 and just a little of season 3. Generally 30 seconds [per week] is still what we aim for and the time it takes to do it varies from episode to episode. Some are just easier or harder than others. Sometimes we can finish early, sometimes we work late nights and weekends."

"To do one episode of Titans takes between 20-30 animators but it's often a struggle with just that many; on a hard episode there's always a big push to hit deadlines. The number has fluctuated between seasons.The show is a lot more difficult than I think a lot of people realize. A lot of hard work goes into every second of that show. There's also another studio that does half of the episodes and I have no idea what their crew is like."

"As for my favorite episode, it's probably '40% 40% 20%' or the Kid Flash episode. The one I worked the most on though was the yearbook episode which was also a good one."

Two screenshots from Brennan's favorite episodes that he's worked on:

Gizmo and Kid Flash from Teen Titans Go! episode "Multiple Trick Pony" (2015)

Cyborg on a winged horse from Teen Titans Go! episode "40%, 40%, 20%" (2015)

Additionally, Brennan published his first children's book in 2015: Where Did the Dinosaurs Go?

Check Brennan Bova's online digital gallery for more of his work - and he does a wide range of 80s art work (see below). Yes, he also does commissions.

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