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So you want to submit an image of your art or your cosplay of a DC character from the 1980s? Or maybe you want to submit an article you wrote about a DC comic from the 1980s? That's gnarly, we dig it! We LOVE fan contributions, but there's a few things we'll need from you (in an e-mail):

  • Confirmation from you that it is original content and that you are the owner of the content.
  • Explicit permission allowing us to post the image/photo/text on this site and/or Facebook page. We assure you that we will NOT be using you image/photo for merchandising purposes. If it makes you feel better, you can add something in your e-mail to that effect (ex: "This photo/image/text is not to be used for merchandising or cannot be published in print media without the owner's consent"). If we ever get a book deal, we will contact you before proceeding to publish anything. ;)
  • Your name and contact info. If it's a photograph of a cosplayer, please include the photographer's name as well as the cosplayer's name. If you have a release form from the cosplayer, even better. (For the most part, an e-mail from the cosplayer saying "go for it!" will do.) Links to your website or other works are always good. :)

Written Contributions:

Despite trying to pass ourselves off as a parody/satire of an 1980s DIY punk/metal fanzine, we still hold ourselves to somewhat high mid-level literary standards. Part of the goal of this site is not just to celebrate DC comics from the 1977 - 1993 era, but to educate readers as well. Ask yourself these questions before submitting your content:

  • Does this article somehow connect DC comics with the social culture of the 1980s?
  • Is this article expressing a new idea that hasn't been expressed before?
  • Is this a nostalgia piece, with a first-hand account of your point-of-view about something that was printed/published by DC comics from 1977 to 1993?
  • If it's an interview with an artist/writer/letterer/inker/editor: was this person involved with DC comics during 1977 to 1993? Are they currently working on a DC comics character that was featured during 1977 to 1993
If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, there is a very strong chance that we will publish this article on this site

We ask that submissions contain proper grammar and citations if you are quoting someone. If you need a quick refresher on citations, check and

Also, DC in the 80s reserves the right to REFUSE any submissions.*

Please send submissions to

*Please note: we're *trying* to keep this site as "Work Friendly" as possible, so any submitted cosplay photographs or fan art that is too profane (ex: too 'cheesecake', nudity, over-the-top gore, offensive to a specific demographic) will most likely NOT be considered for posting. But don't worry, we'll most likely send you an e-mail explaining why we decided not to post it. 

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