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There have been sooo many great websites/blogs/podcasts who've collaborated with us that we just couldn't keep them all on our front page. There's also quite a few sites that have helped us with research as we've toiled over our articles. (We tend to link to other sites generously in our articles.) We could seriously fill up an entire web page with nothing but links - so we're going to do just that. Here are links to blogs/sites that we are appreciative of (separated into categories for your convenience):

SuperBlog Team Up:

Focuses specifically on a single DC character/team:

Covers a wide variety of DC material:

Miscellaneous Comic Book-ery:



Marvel Comics of the 80s:

Non-Sports Cards

Seeing as how this webzine is still in it's infancy, we may have not had the chance to add your site, yet. If that's the case, just send us a gentle reminder at our inbox and we'll "come correct". We're also going to thank you in advance for putting up a mention of our very niche webzine in your facebook/website and telling people how cool and handsome we are.