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Monday, April 4, 2016

Bloodlines article on Weird Science DC Comics blog

I draw a pretty fine line when deciding what to post in this webzine: "Is it DC comics-related? Yes? Good! Did it happen during the 80s? No? Okay, well... does it deal with characters who were popular during the 80s? Sorta? Hmm..." In the end, there was NO WAY I could justify posting about the DC Bloodlines cross-over event from 1993.

Thankfully, our friends at Weird Science DC comics blog were running a Bloodlines week and let me slide in an article reviewing the 1993 Skybox Bloodlines trading card set. This article serves as a nice complimentary piece to our previously published History of Impel/Skybox article (detailing the birth of the card speculation boom).

Coincidentally, fellow DC in the 80s contributor, Chris Sheehan, also submitted an article to the Weird Science DC comics blog attempting to explain the DC Bloodlines event. Imagine that?

Thanks again to Weird Science DC comics blog for "running with it".

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