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Saturday, December 4, 2021

No, we haven't been hacked

With everything going on in our lives over the past 2 years, Mark and I kind of put maintenance of the DC in the 80s website on the backburner (our Facebook and Twitter was alive and kicking, however). 

After receiving countless spammy e-mail solicitations from 'e-commerce businesses' looking to help us increase revenue (ha!) by redesigning and redeveloping our website for increased functionality and search engine optimization for only $500 to $800 USD, we've taken it upon ourselves to simply redesign the front page ourselves. Like seriously, it's just more fun to build this thing ourselves.

Anyways, expect changes to the homepage as we tinker around with things. Keep an eye out for new articles. Check us out on Instragram if you want a new way to follow us. Send us feedback and let us know if you like this redesign or if it's absolute rubbish.

We didn't want to leave you empty-handed... so here's a few panels from a 1982 DC/Radio Shack promo comic (featuring Wonder Woman, Superman AND Lex Luthor) demonstrating how amazing computers are:



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