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Monday, May 30, 2016

Our second podcast - chattin' with the Answerman (a Bob Rozakis interview)

When Chris Sheehan (Chris is on Infinite Earths) and Reggie (Weird Science DC Blog) told me that they were able to get an interview with Bob Rozakis, I could hardly believe our luck.

If the name Bob Rozakis doesn't immediately mean anything to you, then how about 'The Answer Man'? Or the assistant editor to Julius Schwartz? Or the guy who drove the DC Comicmobile in the 70s? Or the creator of Duela Dent/Joker's Daughter? Or the Production Manager for DC comics from 1980 and onwards?

The DC Comicmobile. Bob Rozakis on the right. Image source:

You can listen to the podcast here. Running time is about an hour.

In this podcast: Rozakis gives us an overview of his career and how he began working for DC comics. He also goes in-depth and gives us recollections about working with Julius Schwartz, what was happening at DC comics offices in the late 70s, and how the rise of the independent market and creator-owned properties affected DC comics. We discuss Rozakis' impact on the DC comics coloring process, a few anecdotes about working on the 1989 Hero Hotline series, the origin of the 'Mazing Man series and he closes off with a few stories about working with Stephen DeStefano. Thanks to Bob Rozakis for taking the time to sit and chat with us.

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  1. I can't find the podcast when I search on Pocket Casts, is it only available here?