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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cosplay pin-up girl: Looker

Enjoy these images of the very talented DJ Spider cosplaying as Looker (from the Outsiders) for DragonCon 2009. In DJ Spider's own words: "Looker is possibly the silliest costume to be created by DC Comics. But, as it is ridiculous, that means it had to be made!"

Created by Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo, Looker first debuted in The Outsiders #1 Baxter format (1985). Similarities between Looker and Marvel's Jean Grey/Marvel Girl (of the X-Men) have been drawn, while other fans have just dismissed Looker as a device to help fill the void that was left as Batman was no longer on the team (or in the book, for that matter). In an effort to defend the creators of a series I grew up reading, I'm going to boldly theorize that Mike W Barr and Jim Aparo recognized the growing cultural significance (and absurdity) of supermodels in the mid-80s and decided to base a new character after one. Hence, making Looker a reflection of the culture of the 80s.

Nevertheless, Looker's character starts as a timid bank employee who morphs into a tall, stunning, statuesque red head - which I believe DJ Spider exemplifies extremely well. (DJ Spider is actually 6'1"). I'd also like to point out all of the costume intricacies that DJ Spider detailed so carefully. It's a very ridiculous and impractical costume (i.e. a bow, a tiny cape, a large chain hanging from neck, an open collar and a one-armed/one-legged leotard) and the costume design may have even been a jab from Barr/Aparo about the prevalent materialism and conspicuous consumption of this decade. Of course, I could just be reaching here...  

I'd have to say my favorite thing about this photo shoot is DJ Spider (who obviously understands this character) striking a 'model pose' that Looker seems to be famous for (as seen on the cover of Batman and the Outsiders #31 (1986) and her entry in DC's Who's Who #13 (1986)).

DJ Spider is kind of a big deal in the cosplaying community, and is well-known for cosplaying obscure Marvel and DC female characters. You can find out more about her and her current projects here. #thatDJSpider


The character of Lia Briggs [Looker's alter ego] was created by Alan Davis - he had the idea to make her a shy 'bank teller' type, while the super-hero design was by Aparo. Lia appeared in Batman and the Outsiders 2-3 months before Looker appeared in The Outsiders Baxter series. Davis was the artist on Batman and the Outsiders at the time when Aparo was on the Baxter title. (Thank you, Rob Perry!)

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  1. Oh! My! Gooooooodness. DJ Spider is suddenly my favorite cosplayer of the Year. Any year!