Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The BIG game review series

We're approaching the second week of December and -- I don't know what your situation is like -- but up here in Canada it's starting to get cold. Like, 'too cold to casually go outside for a walk' cold. Uncomfortably cold. Even in a warm, insulated jacket.

If you're thinking that since I'm a Canadian I must enjoy the cold weather because I'm used to it, I'm going to debunk that myth for you right now. I'm expecting at least 4 months of running from the house to the car, driving to work/grocery store/gym/friend's house, and running from car into said location all while cursing the cold and wishing for warmer days.

The only upside to this is that since everyone's stuck indoors and doesn't really want to do anything that involves being in an environment with a temperature below 73.4 degrees Fahrenheit, this is the optimal time to get together with friends and play some games.

So, in the spirit of turning lemons into lemonade, I've decided to review all of the DC comics games I can get my hands on. I'm looking at board games, RPGs, tabletop games, miniatures games, collectible card games -- just about anything that can have you and at least one other player occupied and entertained while re-enacting your favorite DC comics battles/adventures.

Since this is the 'DC in the 80s' website, I'm putting a strong emphasis on games that use characters from the 1980s (and I'll even settle for early 1990s) characters since that's what I grew up with and enjoy reading about. This series is in no way inspired by our totally awesome 3D fanzine about DC comics computer games of the 80s, and shame on you for thinking this is a shameless plug (but you should go ahead and order a copy, just in case).


Panel from Justice League America Annual #7 (1992). Property of DC comics.
 Justice League America Annual #7 (1992). Illustrated by Dave Cockrum.

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